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Baker Tilly office prefers to use 4S HR Mobile App

Baker Tilly office prefers to use 4S HR Mobile App

June 8, 2021 Ngalhoum Comments Off

Baker Tilly office prefers to use 4S HR mobile App for managing Human Resource than the local, regional and international HR apps

Baker Tilly Wahid Abdel Ghaffar & Co. An independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 8th largest accountancy and business advisory network.

Where we, 4S Technology, support the workflow of the Baker Tilly office by providing an integrated accounting system and human resource management system, which helps in managing, organizing, and supporting the workflow within the office.

To complete our introduction to the office’s integrated services, it took place today, Monday, October 19, 2020, in the presence of Mr. Ayman Al-Sayed, Business Development Manager and a representative of 4S Technology, and a group of Baker Tilly office members, who are Mr. Amr Waheed El-Din Abdel Ghaffar, Deputy Executive Partner, and Mr. Rami Ahmed Hassan Ali, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Islam Alaa, in charge of human resources. It was contracted to start work to provide a 4S HR Mobile App for human resources management provided by 4S Technology to serve Baker Tilly office, which is an application that is installed on employees ’mobile devices, whether Android system or system IOS

Where the administration can follow up with the employees and get to know the job tasks that they perform and the location of these tasks and their quality, and the employee can easily record their attendance and departure dates without the need for traditional fingerprint devices, which contributes to limiting the spread of epidemics and viruses, which has become an urgent need for their presence in the market Work after the Corona pandemic, All with 4S HR Mobile App

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