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electronic invoice

Integration with the automated tax system (electronic invoice)

August 24, 2021 Ngalhoum Comments Off

The electronic invoice is the subject of preoccupation and concern for all companies, and despite the tax authority’s attempts to answer companies’ questions about electronic invoices, the idea is still unclear and all companies are required to implement and activate the electronic invoice system by the first of July 2021, and our role as a software house developing company specializing in ERP in Egypt and the Middle East to clarify the vision in a simplified way and the electronic invoice system

Where companies must hurry to register in the e-invoice, in order to comply with what the official authorities require, such as the tax authority and others, and also to benefit from the advantages of the e-invoice system, and to know these advantages, it is necessary to first know what is the e-invoice ( invoice system )?

What is an electronic invoice ?

The e-invoice system is a low-cost system that helps in creating invoices, sending them to customers, collecting them, making amendments to them, and archiving them by relying on modern technological means such as ERP programs

And about the advantages of an e-invoice?

1- The global is moving towards e-commerce, thus the process of buying and selling is done online, and thus the electronic invoicing system helps to increase sales and attract new customers.
2- Reducing the time and effort spent to complete the purchasing process.
3- Reducing administrative expenses in the electronic billing system
4- The speed of collection and increase of liquidity.

Steps to make an e-invoice ?

The Tax Authority allowed sending electronic invoices in two ways: –

Via the tax authority website:
The invoices are uploaded using an excel file, which is available for small and medium-sized companies because the method is easy for small and medium-sized companies’ transaction volume.

By linking to the authority’s website:
In fact, the method of linking is straightforward and simple for any technical limit.

The most important question for accountants or ITs users, what is required for me to be ready to link with the authority’s website and the steps for making an electronic invoice?

Coding the items using the GS1 or GPC method, in case they are not used by your company, is available to match your item codes with the tax authority codes.

Customer coding and commercial registry entry for each customer.

Create electronic invoices with a unified UUID number

Electronic signature via HSM

Consequently, the vision clarified the steps involved in making electronic invoices for small companies. As for large companies, if they actually use ERP programs, they must communicate with the software designers to make the necessary adjustments to apply the electronic invoice. But if you do not have ERP programs or you have a program and you see deficiencies, you need to contact us as soon as possible, and we can help you, we will provide you with all that you need to implement the steps of the electronic invoice simply and with the utmost flexibility with the tax authority and apply the electronic invoicing system.

The best e-invoice program

4S Technology is considered one of the leading companies in the application of the electronic invoice system (electronic billing system) and a good understanding of the steps of making the electronic invoice.

4S programs link all company departments through its integrated programs (human resource management system – financial system – inventory management system – contracting programs – fleet management system – and others …) from programs that serve various activities and institutions, which facilitates the connection Between the programs and the electronic invoice system for the tax authority, which facilitates the management of the company’s accounts and becomes in line with modern electronic systems