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Attendance System - 4S Technology

Attendance System

Project Information

  • Project Name : Attendance System
  • Category : HR Systems

Attendance System

Attendance system enables you to solve the problems of attendance and departure in your business as you enable attendance system from the control of all related time with ease and ease.

The attendance system with a fingerprint scan through it full control of all matters concerning employees and employees within the business activity in addition to that you can program attendance system fingerprint to know and follow the days of absence and hours of actual work done by the employee as well as the extra hours.

The presence and departure of employees companies that have a number of employees seek to find a solution to find out the number of hours worked by each employee and the number of hours of absence, attendance, and professors.

It is easy and simply suitable for all commercial activities factories, companies, shops, and teacher other business activities

The 4S attendance system, personnel system, and payroll system will make it easier for you to solve your HR problems

Main Features for attendance system

  • Flexible configuration of official attendance time (arrival and departure time)
  • Flexible configuration of late arrival / early departure rules
  • allocate specific rules to specific employee/department/group of employees.
  • Flexible configuration of overtime rules, easy to allocate such a rule to specific employee/department/group of employees.
  • Flexible configuration of vacation rules, automatic calculation of vacation balance, supports several types of vacations (annual, casual, sick, etc.)
  • Support employees working on a shift basis, the system cover establishing different attendance rules per shift.
  • Support establishment of different hours calculation rule per shift
  • Support Integration with a wide range of attendance machines, machines work by card, fingerprint, and magnetic strip.
  • Flexible configuration of vacation balance calculation reference (based on hiring date or social insurance starting date).
  • Recording of employees’ allocation to departments and positions. Ability to amend those data upon user authority.
  • Ability to control specific employee data access.
  • Automatic calculation of balance per employee/department/group of employees, automatic posting (transfer) of remaining balance to next year according to company defined policy.
  • Recording of official holidays
  • Support official holiday replacement for specific employee/department/group of employees upon business needs.
  • Ability to record the staff competence report and any further notes concerning employees.
  • Review and amend automatic attendance (upon needs)
  • Integration with the Payroll system, ability to post overtime, absence, less time, penalty, and other monetary effect elements to payroll.
  • Flexible configuration of remaining vacation balance transfer rules, the remaining balance transfer to next year can be with ceiling number of days, ceiling number with the condition to use within the first month of next year. Etc.
  • Support several types of leave (annual, casual, maternity sick, Hajj, marriage, etc.)
  • Support manual and automated recording of attendance
  • Record permissions and assignment outside office premises
  • Ability to make manual entry/adjustment on leave balance (upon needs)
  • Recording and print of annual leave balance reports, some companies ask employees to sign off those reports as evidence for balance correctness.

Technical Features for attendance system

  • Define Attendance machine.
  • Define organization Hierarchy.
  • Define Official and periodical vacations.
  • Define employee card.
  • Define shifts and hour time for all employees.
  • Define the work plan and classify employees into groups.
  • Characterization of current and future plans, and divide employees into groups.
  • Bind employees to the working groups.
  • Collect data from the machine attendance
  • Sign periodic holidays.
  • Registration special leave.
  • Registration permits
  • Exchange of shifts between employees
  • Settlement delay in the attendance
  • Settlement to leave early
  • Settlement of absence
  • Settlement of Additional.

Sample of Reports for attendance system

  • Produce reports for employee assignments, the reports can be produced per employee/department/group of employees/group of departments.
  • Produce reports for vacation balance, the reports can be produced per employee/department/group of employees/group of departments.
  • Produce reports for permits, absence, and penalties, the reports can be produced per employee/department/group of employees/group of departments.
  • Recording the termination date, the employees who left the company will be retained in the system for historical and reports reasons, but this employee will not be accessible through system functions.
  • Produce reports for attendance per employee/department/group of employees
  • Produce reports on overtime. Less time, lateness, and departure in early cases, the report can be produced per employee/department/group of employees/group of departments.