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Barcode System - 4S Technology

Barcode System

Project Information

  • Project Name : Barcode System
  • Category : Distribution Systems

Barcode System

The Barcode system covers all inventory movements (In & Out), supports creating new inventory transaction types in an easy way, Also tracks assets. The Barcode system is provided tidy control in inventory items and provides item evaluation in several ways. The barcode system provides many inventory reports like (Item cards, inventory movements, inventory items evaluation, etc.)

Main Features of Barcode system

  • Setup an unlimited number of basic codes (e.g. stores, items, groups, units. Classifications, etc).
  • Record all inventory transactions (opening balance – Receipt – issue – adjustments – transfer, etc).
  • Ability to record inventory transactions ( in-out ) per cost center.
  • Ability to add new forms for other inventory transaction types such as (damaged items – gifts, samples, etc).
  • Ability to record inventory transactions with more than a unit of measure per item (packet – dozen, etc.) and ability to set up conversion factor between those units.
  • Record of the stock transfer order.
  • Monitor transfer orders unmatched with transfer vouchers.
  • Creating & controlling demand level for all stores.
  • Review slow-moving items according to pre-configured static days setup per item.
  • Fully Supporting of expiry date in recording & reporting.

Technical Features of Barcode system

  • Ability to record the stock counting and simultaneously view the actual stock difference.
  • Ability to specify items kind (stock item/service/product).
  • Fully support barcode reading.
  • Ability to record alternative items for one item.
  • Ability to create more than units of measure for one item.
  • Ability to set up a bill of materials.
  • Ability to record & search by Serial No.
  • Ability to transfer the stock between two stores in different branches.
  • Review inventory transactions for any period per (store – item – type – negative quantity).
  • Review items balance (quantities & values) and print item card.
  • Evaluate the stock with more than price patterns.
  • Supporting different Pricing policies:
    • First in – first out.
    • Floating Average cost.
    • Expiry date & Job order Number.

Samples of reports from Barcode system

The Barcode system provides many inventory reports:-

  1. Item card.
  2. inventory movements.
  3. inventory items evaluation.