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Cash Management System - 4S Technology

Cash Management System

Cash Management System

  • Project Name : Financial System
  • Category : Financial System

Cash Management System

Cash management system is designed to record & follow up all banks and treasures main data, transactions. Cash management system has a lot of reports. The Banking & treasures module gives you control over any transaction that deals with your safe boxes and bank’s accounts through Deposit and Withdrawal transactions. Cash management system provides users with the amount of cash a company has at any period of date. All accounts receivable and accounts payable can be handled within this system and posting there effect to the other sub-systems.

Cash management system gives complete transaction processing capabilities that let users transfer funds between cash accounts, enter correcting and adjusting transactions, and enter miscellaneous cash transactions such as bank charges, checks returned for an insufficient deposit, direct debit, and credits for loan payment and proceeds. Cash management system helps financial controllers assess their cash situation by making sure that there is enough cash on hand to cover a batch of checks about to be issued or to identify and invest excess cash rather than letting it sit idle in a bank account.

Cash management system provides users with outstanding checks. It produces a bank reconciliation of 4S General Ledger cash accounts and bank statements. Hereunder are some of the Banking & Treasures features.

Main Features of cash management

  • Recording of opening balance
  • Recording of cash receipts and cash issuance vouchers
  • Recording of checks vouchers
  • Recording of debit and credit memorandum
  • Summary and details transactions reports per safe box
  • Annual revenue and expenses analysis
  • Recording of the collection plan
  • Details and summary bank account statement
  • Monitor receivable and payable checks
  • Support partial payment
  • View check history
  • Issue invoice cover several sales transactions
  • Ability to automate transactions posting to the general ledger system
  • Ability to set up and work simultaneously with several safe boxes
  • Support bank transfer transactions and foreign exchange transactions

Technical Features of cash management

  • Can define several banks and branches with currencies
  • Cambia support
  • Third-party credibility in payment or receivable
  • Can enter multiple checks (Hafza)
  • Current Cheque status (where exactly is it)
  • Cheque printing
  • Very strong post-dated checks procedures
  • Print any banking documents.
  • Password approval for a credit limit
  • Direct cash flow
  • The system provides users with outstanding checks. It produces a bank reconciliation of 4S General Ledger cash accounts and bank statements.
  • POP UP alert on checks to be collected
  • Criteria for stop dealing with the customer either after a number of returned checks of a sum of total values of checks
  • The banking system issues the customer’s bank statement without waiting until the bank sends it to the company and also handles the interest rate.
  • The system follows up the clearing checks in terms of their maturity dates and their collection.
  • This system lets you reconcile any number of accounts on any schedule and the system automatically identifies and processes any discrepancies between bank account and book amounts.

Sample of Reports from cash management

  • Daily Receipts Transactions
  • Daily Payments Transactions
  • Accounts Receivables Reports (brief – detailed)
  • Notes in treasury
  • Accounts Payables Reports( brief – detailed)
  • Paid Accounts Payables
  • Treasuries Reports including
  • Treasury Statement
  • Treasuries Balance
  • Current Status of Bank
  • Bank Statement & Statement