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Fixed Assets System - 4S Technology

Fixed Assets System

Project Information

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Fixed Assets System

Fixed Assets System supports fixed assets registration, classifies fixed assets, and defines fixed asset locations. Fixed Assets System calculates the monthly depreciation. Fixed Assets system supports all fixed assets transaction types (disposal, improvement, sales, extended lifetime, decrease lifetime, etc.).

Fixed Assets System fully integrated with the general ledger system.

Main Feature of Fixed Assets System

  • Assets transaction.
  • Assets maintenance.
  • Asset development (without affect asset lifetime).
  • Assets development (with increase asset lifetime).
  • Assets disposal.
  • Assets sold.
  • Assets transfer.
  • Monthly depreciation calculation of assets.
  • Integration with General ledger system.
  • Integration with the purchasing system.
  • Assets depreciation follow-up report.
  • Assets data and locations.
  • Asset development (without affect asset lifetime), and depreciate development by separate schedule.
  • Decrease assets value.
  • Increase assets value.
  • Monthly depreciation calculation report.
  • Accumulated depreciation value report.
  • Fixed assets analysis per location/classification and cost center.

Sample of Reports

In addition to a wide range of reports covering all the client’s requirements in asset management such as:

  • Asset inventory report
  • Asset data summary report
  • Origin transaction detection report
  • Daily Report on Accounting Restrictions
  • Asset depreciation balance report
  • Asset age report       
  • Asset attachments report