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Inventory Management System - 4S Technology

Inventory Management System

Project Information

  • Project Name : Inventory Management System
  • Category : Distribution Systems

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System is designed to enable handling & recording the stock items data and all Inventory management. Inventory Management System can cover all Inventory transactions dealing with stock items. The end result is to obtain reports from the inventory management system, such as item cards, inventory evaluation, summary or detailed stock transactions, etc.

Main Features for inventory management system

Inventory Management system is a complete solution for your inventory requirements. The system can be implemented with any documentary cycle existing at the client’s organization. Inventory management software includes full-featured stock control that provides all information required. Inventory management software is fully integrated with all modules needs to deal with it (e.g. purchasing, sales, and LCs). Hereunder are some of the inventory & Stock Management features.

Technical Features for inventory management system

  • Ability to Identify transaction types
  • Centralized identification for customer information (Sales, Purchasing or Inventory(
  • Industry-specific (Commercial, Trade, Industrial … Marble)
  • Support for all Item categorization
  • Multi-unit of measurement with automatic conversion.
  • Bar Code Support.
  • Various Valuation methods.
  • Can add Custom Clearance and Transportation expense to an item.
  • Can link item with Vendors
  • Can use Vendors item Codes
  • Ability to Know Available quantity/sites on the spot
  • Maximum, Minimum, and reorder level
  • Kit item
  • A user identified transaction types to force business cycles
  • Support Lot, batch, expiry date, color-size matrix, and serial no.
  • Identify Taxable and Non Taxable items
  • Items quick definition
  • Can link between who wants products and the department requesting  it ( Raw materials and Departments Requesting  it )
  • Goods Receipt Note Can depend on to-vendor PO
  • Multiple Transaction Codes
  • Slow-moving items
  • Can allow issuing negative quantities if requested
  • Shelf Life control
  • Full analysis for the consumption rate

Samples of reports

  • Stores transactions statement (brief & detailed)
  • Price list
  • Un-priced Vouchers
  • Issued items per cost center
  • Item balance (brief & detailed)
  • Item card (qty & qty / cost)
  • Stock evaluation (brief & detailed)
  • Items turnover
  • Re-order level
  • Minimum level
  • Items balance with reservation
  • Reserved items