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Payroll System - 4S Technology

Payroll System

Project Information

  • Project Name : Payroll System
  • Category : HR Systems

Payroll System

Payroll system is designed to record the payroll main data, transactions (basic salaries, allowances, social insurance rules, tax rules, overtime criteria, etc.). The system has the major payroll reports and fully integrated with 4S general ledger system and any ERP System.

Main Features for payroll system

  • Payroll system can Store comprehensive data for employees (financial data, administrative data, personal data, health data, etc.).
  • Payroll system has Unlimited organization structure levels, easy & flexible setup of departments.
  • Compliant with labor law in both the tax and social insurance, flexible to set up rules and percentages (if any) without the need of development effort.
  • Payroll system is Easy to configure the number of working days, number of working hours, social insurance ceiling limit, and many other configurable elements without the need for development.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of elements, categorize elements to basic salary, allowances, and deduction
  • Ability to configure element nature (fixed or variable). Ability to set up elements to accept value as Amount (monetary) / Days / Hours, the system will automatically convert Days or Hours to the monetary equivalent value.
  • Cover employees’ loans and advanced payments which will be deducted over several months. Monitor loan value and payment period by easy way.
  • Record staff elements in several ways, the company can select the most convenient for it.
  • Ability to allocate specific elements and applied to one / group of employees/employees in a specific department by a single entry interface.
  • Cover special and social allowances, easy to setup exemption rules for those allowances.
  • Ability to calculate salaries per department/group of departments / all departments.
  • Ability to integrate with Banks for salary transfer, system support interface with the bank using Excel sheet, text file, etc…
  • Ability to establish more than one receivable envelope, the several receivable envelopes can have several payment intervals. Easy to allocate elements to payslip.

Payroll system is a powerful yet easy to use module because it provides the user with all the available information to follow up the employee’s payroll, overtime, salary deduction, as well as the automatic calculation for payroll. Hereunder are some of the payroll system features.

Technical Features for payroll system

  • It gives the capability to name the monthly salary items titles, and its nature (eligibility – donation), method of calculation (fixed value – the percentage of basic salary – the percentage of total salary), also identify whether these items undergo the insurance and taxes rules or not, and the allowance ratio.
  • Identify the Tax rules and the allowance ratios for different cases.
  • Identify social insurance, company’s, and employee’s share.
  • Identify the overtime rules and how it is applied for different working shifts (Day – Night – Holidays).
  • Identify your own sets of every allowance or deductions
  • Define equations for easy payroll calculation
  • Vertical / Horizontal transactions Labor day
  • Employee bank Account for deposits
  • Processing employee loans in terms of schedule defined by the user.
  • Easy to apply the salary items for different employees choose the item and choose the range to apply (all employees – certain employee – certain department – social status).
  • Automatic calculation of social insurance.
  • Automatic calculation of Taxes.
  • Automatic calculation of employee’s monthly salaries.
  • Printing the social insurance report showing companies’, employee’s share.
  • Printing the monthly salary statement and slips.
  • Printing analytical reports to show the different salary items by their nature.

Sample of Reports:

  • Social Insurance Report
  • Tax Report
  • Social Insurance Termination
  • Employee Terms
  • Loans in a specific period or Month
  • Emergency or Advanced Loans
  • Pay-Slip
  • Pay Sheet
  • Employee Income Card
  • Employee Income Statement
  • Annual Tax adjustment
  • Unpaid Days Statement
  • Absence Days Statement
  • Sickness Days Statement
  • Accumulated Absence Days Statement
  • Employee Terms/ Taxes Report / Pay Sheet