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Purchasing System - 4S Technology

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Project Information

  • Name Purchasing System

Purchasing System

The purchasing system is designed to record the purchasing main data, transactions Like (purchasing invoices and returned invoices), supplier orders and deliveries, etc., in addition, to obtain reports, such as: purchasing Journal, Total purchased Items, last prices, vendor statement, payable reports, … etc.

The procurement system is a powerful system that helps to simulate the actual documentary cycle of many companies like (quotations – orders (selling – buying) – bills (exchange and addition) – issuing invoices). The purchasing system is also a powerful and effective tool to track customer and supplier accounts and control various pricing methods.

Main Features for purchasing system

The purchasing system is a powerful yet easy-to-use module because it provides the user with all the available information to choose the best suite of products as well as automatic issues for invoices after the issuing of Purchase Orders. Reports can be generated with key vendor performance indicators, such as defect rates and on-time delivery that facilitate ongoing supplier evaluation and oversight.

To ensure that payments are made for goods ordered and received, 4S provides a choice of matching procedures: two-way (invoice matched to Purchase order) three-way (invoice also matched to receiving document) or Four-way (invoice also matched to quality assurance document).

  • Allows procurement
  • Can compare offers from vendors
  • Can issue P.O. automatically
  • Can dropship
  • Automatic and manual item-price control
  • Automatic stock checks
  • Full On-Line help for all specified items
  • Receiving goods against P.O.
  • Receive goods for inspection
  • Effective Order control
  • Complete control for pricing and discounts
  • Full support for all kinds of Taxes
  • A full suite of comprehensive reports
  • Creating files for supplier basic data such as; name, address, tel. No., fax No., facilities amount, discount percentage.
  • Integration with, other accounting systems such as; stock, Banking, GL.

Technical Features for Purchasing system

  • Building a complete database for clients and suppliers (personal, financial, administrative, and tax data).
  • Actively dealing with both (classification of clients or suppliers – delegates – sales areas – …)
  • Follow up on the link between (quotations and orders to buy or sell and exchange or addition permits) and monitor the matching between them.
  • Total and detailed reports at the level of (the customer or supplier – store – delegate – classification – class – …).
  • Defining more than one notebook to make a series of cash and forward bills.
  • An infinite number of supplier names and supplier ratings.
  • The ability to link and posting to the public accounts system.
  • Building a complete database for suppliers that includes the tax card, the commercial registry, the grace period and the balance of the first period.
  • Record all stored transactions (purchases – returns of purchases)
  • Record administrative procedures such as purchase orders and orders.
  • Monitor purchases at the level of each supplier.
  • Record payments movements.
  • Submit all aggregate and analytical reports at different levels.
  • Definition of different types of discounts (percentage or value).
  • Analysis of purchases at the level of suppliers and items.
  • Integration and linkage with the treasury and banking program.

Samples reports of Purchasing system

  • Vendor Financial Status
  • Daily Payments Transactions
  • Financial Reports including:
  • Accounts Payables Follow Up
  • Payments Sheet
  • Vendor’s P.O. Status
  • Items (Descending)
  • Totals of POS (Descending)
  • Delayed Purchases
  • Purchasing Expenses Analysis (Detailed – Brief)
  • Analysis of Items Purchased