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Sales Management System - 4S Technology

Sales Management System

Project Information

  • Project Name : Sales Management System
  • Category : Distribution Systems

Sales Management System

Sales Management System covers financial transaction types used commonly in companies (proposals, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, etc.)

Sales Management system provides an effective tool to control and follow-up accounts payable and accounts receivable accounts transactions. Sales Management software has the major sales reports such as: Sales Journal, Customer gross Profit, Total Sold Items by Customer, etc

Main Features for sales management system

  • Adding Unlimited customers & customers classifications.
  • Complete customer database ( personal, financial, admin and taxation data ).
  • Integrate all relevant inventory transactions (sales and sales return).
  • Sales management software supports internal procedures for ( sales orders, invoices issuance, and sales quotations).
  • Ability to add customer logo in the bill header and redesign invoice form to include a part for signatures.
  • Issue customers statement (aggregated and details).
  • Monitor credit balance per ( customer / sales area / classification / sales rep).
  • Review sales per ( customer / store / sales rep. / classification / sales rep).
  • Sales analysis (quantities & values) per ( customer / group / etc ).
  • Monthly sales analysis (quantities & values) per ( item / customers / sales rep / region).
  • Monitor credit aging
  • Ability to link the customer with ( zone, sales rep. and classification ).
  • Ability to link customer code to supplier code and dealt with them as one entity.
  • Ability to set up payment terms, credit limit, and discount policy per customer
  • Complete data set for a sales representative.
  • Define many discount types ( fixed %, variable %, fixed amount, a variable amount, etc).
  • Supports services (nonstock) items sales.
  • Supports point of sale ( POS ) interface and POS peripherals.
  • Review reconciliation between offers, sales orders, and issuance orders.
  • Monitor items profit by sales management software.
  • Flexible setup of invoices serial.
  • Ability to set up discount policy per item per customer.
  • Special sales prices for customer/group of customers.
  • Specify more than one price list, e.g. ( retail price list, consumer price list).
  • Ability to record sales budget.
  • Monitor individual items’ profitability.
  • Monitor sales tax.
  • Integration with safe box and bank modules.
  • Integration with General ledger.

Technical Features for sales management system

Sales management software is a powerful yet easy to use module because it provides the user with all the available information to follow up the customers, sales volume, sales analysis, as well as automatic issue for invoices after the issuing of Sales Orders. Reports can be generated with key customer performance indicators.

Here are some of the Sales management system features.

  • Configurable price matrix based on quantity or amount or sales
  • Customer-based discount
  • Tax-exempt customer types
  • Can consolidate invoicing for the main branch and send products to branches
  • Sort on part of the customer code
  • Blacklisted customers
  • Comm. Can depend on the number of items sold based on different target for each item
  • Returns can be on or out of commission
  • Bonus for clients on volume sales at the end of the year either goods or % of the sales value
  • Price matrix with qty discount
  • Can produce quotations
  • The invoice can depend on the quotation
  • Can calculate tax based on customer type
  • Sales quota based on value, Qty, V&Q, Q, or V ( value can be adjusted on the purchase price or on profit)
  • Commission, the value of % – on the invoice or on postdated checks or on cashed checks
  • 2 segment code for supervisor and salesperson
  • Discountable discount
  • Different rules for calculating taxes
  • Promotional programs for a certain duration
  • Sales management system allows you to define a customer/vendor link for consolidation – reconciliation
  • A huge number of sales analytical reports by item, sub-item group, customer, and customer location, a period of time.

Samples of Reports from sales management system

  • Sales management software sets of reports about sales rep. (sales, collection, and commissions).