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Agriculture Management System

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  • Name: Agriculture Management System

Agriculture Management System

4S Technology‘s agricultural management system covers all the technical requirements of financial and accounting procedures for applications required in accordance with the assets of workmanship, procedures, and systems in force in Saudi Arabia, as the agriculture management system, has the possibility to absorb the requirements of increasing growth in the volume of work and the impact on the size of the automated files for applications, as well as the possibility of increasing the number of users of the system

The main features of agriculture management system

  • Agriculture Management System is based on facilitating crop inventory and knowing the cost and profits.
  • Agriculture Management System is comprehensive in all matters related to agriculture in terms of acreage, planting type, and crop collection.
  • Agriculture Management System is concerned with the details of each plant individually and its quality of planting and price.
  • Agriculture Management System is based on extracting reports to gather details of any form of implant.

Agriculture Management System consists of the following:

  • Basic data.
  • Transactions.
  • Reports.

Basic data in agriculture management system

Split-code screen this screen has defined the parts of the code for the types and the search is done on the type

Code: The code is entered and the code cannot be repeated again.
Name: A name is defined for the type whose code has been entered before.
Add a line: It allows you to add a new line to identify a new code.
Delete a line: This allows you to delete an added line.
Save: Save the input data.
Cancellation: Canceling changes that have been recorded before exiting the screen.

The definition screen through this screen can add data of types that have been recorded in the Split-code screen 


Plus screens
Opening balances
Linking to General Ledger
Unit Identification Screen
Item Identification Screen
The opening balance of the Inventory
Implant data identification screen

Movements List in agriculture management system

  • Select the movement 
  • Acre Farming Plan
  • Crop cultivation plan

Reports from agriculture management system

  • Already standard plant cost comparison report
  • Standard cost report for the implant
  • Estimated cost per acre report