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Construction Management System

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  • Name: Construction Management System

Construction Management System

Construction management system helps in increasing the efficiency of project management, raising the quality of facilities, issuing permanent extracts to subcontractors with full control over the financiers’ accounts and the time spent on construction, and this is reflected in the cost savings of the final product with its high quality, and this is done by filling in information quickly with Associated documents from the implementation sites to the head office, with lists for inspection of receipt in the various construction stages

Main Features of Construction Management System

  1. Prepare the project plan.
  2. Managing requests for handing over of contractors.
  3. Automatic issuance of extracts from delivery orders.
  4. Automatic discounts based on quality reports.
  5. Accurate statistical reports of project phases and contractors’ performance.
  6. Notarized receipt of inspection lists.

Data management system for :

• Suppliers

• Customers

• Subcontractors

• Contracts

• Extracts

• Follow-up payments

• Journal and budget

Technical Features of Construction Management System

  1.  Tree integrated cost centers (projects – residential units).
  2.  Follow-up purchases at the level of the various cost centers.
  3.  Follow-up suppliers and compare their prices.
  4.  Follow-up contracts for clients O subcontractors.
  5.  Follow-up and print extracts either for clients or subcontractors.
  6.  The cost of follow-up contracts.
  7.  Outgoing actually sees the project with ease.
  8.  The issuance of the financial statements and final accounts.
  9.  List the amounts of financial arrears.

Reports from Construction Management System

  1.  Issuing reports on all subcontractors and customers.
  2.  Report revenues expected during the project period.
  3.  Report actual income during the period