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CRM Systems

Service Information

  • Name: CRM Systems

CRM Systems

This world-class CRM system helps organizations move swiftly to achieve customer satisfaction for existing customer
base and widen its market share

CRM system enables customer service personnel to swiftly route customer requests and monitor the request processing as it flows down into the organization. It also helps campaign managers and telesales in building successful campaigns and determines the
most effective way to reach customers.

Main Features of CRM system

  • Web-based
  • Integrates with existing ERP components (desktop or otherwise)
  • Integrates with any call center software
  • Mobile phone integrated
  • Runs on any Operating System (LinuxUNIX, or Windows)
  • Modern Web techniques shorten the ramp-up time
  • Handles multiple branches
  • Bilingual screens and multilingual content
  • Runs on Samsung and Apple Tablets
  • Dashboards for Decision Support and Process Improvement

Technical Features of CRM system

  • Flexible: design your own process and work flow
  • Object-level security
  • Creative modern easy to use UI – real graphics and
  • Archiving

Report from CRM system

  • Interactive reporting
  • Automatic reporting
  • Automated business processes
  • Email / SMS manual and automatic sending
  • Automatic and Manual email reading
  • Multimedia – units photos – contracts – engineering drawings
  • Payment plan calculations
  • Reservation form auto-generation
  • Marketing planning and cost tracking