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  • Name: Maintenance Management system

Maintenance Management system

Maintenance Management system is designed in easy to use and high-tech help maintenance managers on the planning and follow-up operations and preventive maintenance and the periodic system can be used in the following institutions

Assist maintenance manager and upper management in achieving efficient, economical, and controlled plant operations and integrated with the fleet management system

Technical Features for Maintenance Management system

  • Component-based
  • Integrates with any open ERP on the market
  • Browser-based – can run multiple branches
  • Also no client machine software
  • Mobile phone integrated
  • Runs on any Operating System (Linux, UNIX, or Windows)
  • Integrated with Fleet Management System
  • Modern Web techniques shorten the ramp-up time
  • Industrial installations in general.
  • Transport companies and Buses.
  • Heavy equipment rental companies.
  • Maintenance and Service Centers.
  • In addition to the features mentioned above to occupancy, this system has the technical features that make it run in easy and economical institutions.

Business features for Maintenance Management system

  • Scalability – gradual process maturity
  • Bilingual screens and multilingual content
  • Handles multiple locations, multiple stores
  • The smart and flexible equipment tree structure
  • Preventative maintenance (PM) planning generates
    parts and labor needs for the specific time window
  • Quality Assurance Module (Process Improvement)
  • Elaborate Job Order and Equipment status tracking allows
    for fine plant monitoring and provides data for process
  • Very comprehensive cost reporting allows for strict financial
  • Statistical Analysis module (pie – and bar charts) enable
    efficient plant monitoring in several aspects.
  • parts stock management (stock control module)
  • Web-based collaborative system (instant communication to upper management
  • capability to attach documents to business elements
  • Integrated with any open ERP on the market (stock control
    and planning Software)
  • Outsourcing modules allows for tracking external
    maintenance cost.
  • Strict odometer tracking provides information for analyzing
    job order frequency and determines behavioral patterns.
  • Crew or free labor handling
  • Automated tasks

Types of Maintenance Management system

  • Preventative Maintenance PM (proactive)
  • Emergency Maintenance ( corrective)

PM and Emergency may be done in plant or outsources. In this event, we label the Job order as External and attach contractor information.

Dealing with stores

Dealing with stores Maintenance Management system


Maintenance Management system

Sample Reports for Maintenance Management system

Maintenance Management system
Maintenance Management system

Job order components

Job order components

Job Order Life Cycle

Job Order Life Cycle
maintenance schedule