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Schools Management - 4S Technology

Schools Management system

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Schools Management

Allinone solution

All administrative matters related to the administration of the school management system such as accounts, expenses, and installments, as well as purchases and stores, and then everything related to students, their data, evaluates them, the grades of examinations, internal division of each stage and send it by email to the guardian and then follow the movement of the son in the school bus through the application of mobile and school supervision


Main Features for School Management system

  •  Registering the absence easily with School Management System
  • Absence of Students
  •  Ability to make alarms to the absence (print statements and posters)
  •  Follow-up the absence of the student in a period
  •  Follow-up students without absence
  •  Follow-up the absence of students over the different study years

School Management System is Fully Integrated with ERP System

Follow up complaints and behaviors

  •  Determine the terms of student’s behavior to be followed-up (depending on each stage)
  •  Registering student’s behavior in Different periods
  •  Follow up student behavior in a certain time Classifying the complaints of parents to ease its following (Educational – administrative – behavioral)
  •  Registering the complaints of parents and following it
  •  Viewing complaints during a specified period and knowing its position (under treatment- treated – repetition of treatment) Exams
  • Registering full database for study subjects for every study year and determining the small and Great finish for every subject
  • Determining the exams to be follow-up (Monthly – half year – end of the year)
  • Registering students’ grades for different exams
  • Issuing students certificates and results statements automatically
  • Make the order of students (the first – the second – the third -….)
  • Follow-up the student level in a certain subject
  • Follow-up the student level over the study year
  • Follow-up the teacher throughout his students result

School Admission

Convert the admission form to electronic format (web-based).

  • Parents can easily access the admission form.
  • Reduce Parent traffic in school during admission dates.
  • Prevent spilling mistakes in student information.
  • Generate statistics for number of admissions for each grade/school.

Automate admission process.

  • The fewer admission staff can handle larger number of admission forms.
  • Facilitate communication with parent concerning exams dates & time.
  • Print schedule of exams date & time for each teacher.
  • Automatically promote accepted students to student affairs module for each grade.
  • Generate statistics about Accepted/Failed Students and more.
School admission

School Management System

The Admission Process ( School Management System )

  1. Parents Fill in the web form.
  2. After submit, the form sends emails to the concerning department/personal.
  3. The Admission Department imports the student and parent info. To admission database.
  4. If Student and parent info. To fulfill the needed criteria, the admission department set the exam date.
  5. Exam results are updated in the system, showing the interviewer’s name and his comments.
  6. If the student is accepted, the admission department accepts the student in the requested Grade.
  7. The Student Affairs will see only the accepted students. To assign them to class.

Student Affairs System

Define official documents needed for each Student’s file.

  • Easy access for students did not fulfill the required documents.
  • Easy access for each document, if the school has original or copy.

Maintain one database for Students & Parent information.

  • Having one single source of updated information, reflect all dependent operations accuracy.
  • Easy access for Student & Parents information, throughout all connected modules.

Flexible yet easy to define School yearly financials, installments, discount policies, and bus Packages. ( More Details )

Automatic posting for Students’ invoices to accounts receivable module. 

Easy to maintain Students’ daily attendance, and to define absent reasons.

  • Generate absent statistics on campus, section, department, grade, and class level.

The customizable dashboard on the home screen reflects School status in graphical format.

Student Affairs

Bus Tracking System

Main Feature for Bus Tracking System

  • Providing an easy yet informative tool for the school admin to control its fleet of buses.
  • Providing immediate information about buses’ current locations, during the bus’s operational time.
  • Providing online alert for the school admin, in case of bus emergency or over speed buses.
  • Providing a mobile application for the parent to follow their children bus current location.
  • Providing an alerting system for the parents 10 minutes before their children’s bus approaching home, morning and afternoon.
  • Providing operational log for students check-in /out of the bus, to facilitate school admin to answer parent queries and or school KPI’s
  • All the above objectives are based on the availability of a smart GPS-enabled mobile phone, located with the driver or the bus supervisor.

IB Schools Management

Administrator Module:

  • Define Teachers.
  • Define Subjects.
  • Define Teacher / Class.
  • Define Subject Criteria.
  • Define ATL Categories.
  • Define ATL Cluster.
  • Define ATL Skills.

Teachers Module

  • Define Tasks.
  • Tasks Results.
  • Assessment Matrix.
  • ALT Score.
  • Teacher Comment.
  • General Comment.

Library and Borrowing

Main Features

  • Survey books data of the library and classify them
  • Entering daily borrowing
  • A statement of borrowed books in a period
  • Survey books that exceed borrowing duration
  • Identify trends of students towards specific classification